July 2022

Working With Acas: “Making Working Life Better For Everyone In Britain”

TP Health is proud to announce that we will now be partnering with The Advisory, Conciliation & Arbitration Service (Acas).

Acas is a non-departmental body funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Acas seeks to improve organisations and work life through better employment relations. To achieve this, Acas provides up to date information, independent advice, high-quality training and a range of services to help employers, small business owners and employees in solving workplace problems and working together effectively.

To support Acas employees, TP Health will be providing the full remit of Occupational Health and Well-being services, including case management, health screening and EAP to support some 1100 staff members.

Acas is geographically dispersed, with 11 office locations around the UK with fully adopted hybrid working. To meet their requirements, improve accessibility and convenience, TP Health will be utilising advanced technology to deliver remote virtual consultations to Acas employees.

Both the work of TP Health and Acas involves supporting organisations to improve the work-life of employees – and given the similarities of our objectives, we can’t wait to start this partnership and help Acas drive the betterment of work-life across the UK, starting with their own employees.

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