September 2021

TP Health is proud to announce that we have achieved certification to ISO14001

After a rigorous auditing process, TP Health is proud to announce that we have achieved certification to ISO14001. Certification demonstrates that our Environmental Management System meets the high standards set by the International Organisation for Standardisation, but also confirms that our service meets the environmental protection expectations of our clients and partners.

Importantly, ISO14001 processes allow us to best quantify, monitor and control the ongoing environmental impact of our operations so that we can make further improvements, driven by TP Health’s ‘Green Team’.

Our ‘Green Team’ have already embarked upon ‘Operation Carbon Neutral’, which has seen us team up with the Planet Mark, Tree Nation, Cool Earth, and One Nature Commonwealth to:

  • Support climate change resilience and sustainable agriculture across the Commonwealth
  • Plant 1,043 trees in Nicaragua, capturing 21 Tons of CO2
  • Protect 1 acre of Rainforest in Peru
  • Reduce our Carbon Footprint by 34.3%
  • Decrease our electricity emissions by 30%
  • Decrease waste emissions by 45% across TP Health

But this is only the start of our journey — Recognising the benefits of the environment and its relation to our overall wellness, we are paving the way forward towards a more sustainable future.


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