August 2021

TP Health is Protecting an Acre of Rainforest in Peru

It is impossible to ignore the benefits a healthy environment has on our everyday wellness. And, as a provider of Occupational Health and Well-being, TP Health believes it is part of our responsibility to do more to manage our impact on the environment. This is why we are helping to protect the environment not just in the UK but also in other areas around the world.

As part of our membership with The Planet Mark, we support the award-winning charity, Cool Earth, who are supporting indigenous villages to halt the destruction of rainforests.

TP Health’s contribution so far has protected an acre of rainforest in Central Peru, directly supporting the Asháninka community, whose livelihoods depend on the rainforest.

The Asháninka are Peru’s largest indigenous group, and their territory is at extreme risk from illegal logging and coca trafficking. Our contribution joins other like-minded businesses from across the planet to form a protective shield making neighbouring rainforest inaccessible to loggers, preserving the natural environment and ensuring, as the Asháninka community would say: “Kametsa Asaika” or a “good life”.

What impact has our contribution made?

  • 240 trees protected
  • Thousands of species sheltered
  • 76,000 litres of water produced
  • 260 tonnes of CO2 stored

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