April 2022

TP Health Opens New Training Centre

TP Health is pleased to announce the opening of our new, state of the art training centre at our Head Office in Towcester.

There is a direct link between our well-being and the environment we inhabit. Given that a large portion of our days are spent at work, TP Health believes in shaping the perfect work environment that allows our employees to thrive. That is why we have created a dedicated training space to promote continual growth, productivity, well-being and learning.

The new training centre is equipped with the latest technology, a relaxing breakout area and contemporary design features, ensuring the work environment is comfortable, quiet and calming to allow creative minds to flourish.

As a company dedicated to our employees and their continual growth in and outside of our organisation, we hope the new training space will provide an area that inspires new ideas.

We look forward to seeing our employees utilising the space!


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