May 2021

Supporting Employee Well-being at Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust

We are all acutely aware of the exceptional work that has been put in by staff across the NHS throughout the Pandemic.

TP Health has been supporting NHS Trusts across the UK since the start of the outbreak. One of our latest projects is with Gateshead NHS Trust, who have asked for our support in undertaking health and well-being conversations with staff, especially those most impacted by the Pandemic. 

Our professional team of OH Advisers, Mental Health Practitioners and Health Trainers are having proactive, confidential conversations with staff, to check on their general health and well being and ask if they need help or support in any area of their work or home life. The aim of each call is to give employees the opportunity to discuss how they are feeling, offer support where it is needed and boost employee well being at work.

Thank you for the plan and a special thank you for having the health and well-being conversation with me yesterday. I felt like it was a productive conversation and you were very easy to talk to” (Gateshead Health employee).

Gateshead Health employees are doing so much to provide safe, quality care for their community, and it feels great to give some additional support back to those on the frontline.

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