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Combining clinical excellence with flexible health solutions, we ensure a truly seamless and holistic employee journey from start to finish.

Establishing a Baseline

Online screening at pre-placement assesses hazards associated with the role, preventing employee ill-health caused or exacerbated by work. Pre-placement screening may include Safety Critical Medicals, DSE’s, Drug & Alcohol tests and Immunisations & Vaccinations, depending on role.

Preventing Ill-Health

Depending on the employee’s role within the organisation, they may require routine and periodic Health Surveillance and/or Immunisations & Vaccinations. Employees are sent timely reminders by our system.

Improving Health & Well-Being

Employees can engage in tailored pro-active support provided by our specialist Health Trainers aimed at improving their well-being. Virtual and on-site training, education and wellness workshops help develop health-conscious environments, reducing health risks.


We further safeguard employee health and well-being through a catalogue of ad-hoc or seasonal services such as Flu Vaccinations, Covid-19 testing, Stress Management Programmes and Online Stress-Risk Assessments.

Support & Advice

Should health issues arise, we fast-track employees to a range of timely support, including Mental Health and Musculoskeletal services. We offer a seamless Management Referral service, as well as comprehensive Ill-Health Retirement Assessment (IHR) service for several different pension schemes.


We’re supporting employee wellness across the UK with adaptable, specialist services developed from many years of clinical expertise.

Flexible Delivery

We deploy agile and tailored delivery methods to improve accessibility of health & well-being services across the UK.

  • Face-to-Face at TP Health Clinics

    We have a network of established clinics strategically placed around the UK that can be utilised for in-person consultations.

  • Face-to-Face On-site

    Utilising suitable clinical rooms, we can deliver consultations on your doorstep using our mobile team of multi-disciplined clinicians.

  • Secure Video Consultations

    We offer a fully integrated, streamlined experience through a secure IT platform, providing employees with one-click access to consultations.

  • Telephone

    We use established, traditional telephone delivery methods to enhance cost-effectiveness and fast-track employees to support.

  • Online Forms

    Processed through our IT platform, our intuitive & adaptable online forms reduce administration delays, driving unrivalled service efficiency.

  • Mobile Units

    Our purposely designed Mobile Screening Units provide a hassle-free way of screening large numbers of employees, whilst reducing downtime and travel costs.

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