January 2022

Introducing OH Direct – The Future of Occupational Health for SMEs

Introducing OH Direct – The one-stop online shop for all your Occupational Health & Well-being needs.

There has never been more demand for Occupational Health & Well-being. From large to small scale organisations, employers and employees recognise the benefits of OH and how good health correlates to optimal performance.

Traditionally, however, comprehensive Occupational Health & Well-being services have only been accessible for larger organisations. But we’re revolutionising this tradition with the launch of OH Direct.

OH Direct is the industry’s first online one-stop shop for Occupational Health & Well-being services that is tailored towards small and medium-sized businesses. The unique platform allows SMEs to pick and choose from a wide range of services based on the specific health needs of their workforce without the commitment, complication, and expense of formal procurement.

Through OH Direct, employers can conveniently purchase tailored OH services anywhere, any time, on any device, with a simple booking process that can be completed in a matter of minutes. We have created a video demonstrating the full capabilities of OH Direct, seen below:

TP Health will be bringing new developments and innovations to OH Direct as the platform expands. We look forward to creating a more accessible future for companies of all sizes looking to arrange quality OH services to support their employees.

Visit OH Direct: https://ohdirect.tphealth.co.uk

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