June 2021

Creating a Brighter Future

TP Health is paving the way towards a more sustainable future by taking ownership of our environmental impacts and harnessing our passion for innovation.

We are in year two of our Operation Carbon Neutral with the Planet Mark, helping create a more sustainable future for TP Health.

In the previous year alone, our total carbon emissions, which currently measures emissions produced by our fleet of vehicles and head office, has reduced by 34.3%.

Our achievement has placed us in the highest band of C02 reduction from Planet Mark accreditation holders. This huge reduction in emissions comes despite our growth and broadening service during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are making great progress, but we want to do even more. Travel remains the largest contributor to our carbon footprint, making up 72% of our total emissions. This is why in 2021, we are investing in modern vehicles for our mobile screening units which are far more economical than older vehicles, and we are promoting the use of public transport as well as using video calling for business meetings to reduce the need to travel. 

TP Health will be innovating and creating environmental awareness throughout the years to come as part of our commitment to Operation Carbon Neutral. It’s a long and challenging road ahead, and we will keep you updated as we work towards creating a brighter future.

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