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Got a question? Check our FAQ's below for answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • Do you participate in competitive tenders?

    We do. You can email with a specification and as much information as possible, ideally including: headcounts, annual usage volumes, budgets, service specification and TUPE information (if applicable) and our team will be able to confirm if we would like to be part of the tender process.

  • Do you work with businesses with between 1 - 1,000 employees?

    Yes. Our OH Direct service is designed specifically to enable smaller businesses to access our services directly, quickly and easily.

  • Do you have an online portal?

    Yes all of our services are paperless and accessed and managed through our state of the art online platform ‘myOH’.

  • Do you offer face to face appointments?

    Yes. We do however work with our clients to establish the most appropriate way to manage the various different service types our clients require.

  • Do you offer video consultations?

    Yes. We have the ability to carry out full HD video consultations using the latest technology via our ‘myOH’ platforms. These offer a great alternative to face to face appointments and allow employees to get access to OH support from the comfort of their own home via any computer, smartphone or tablet device.

  • What accreditations do you hold?

    SEQOHS, ISO9001, ISO27001, ISO14001, Cyber Essentials Plus, Planet Mark, Investors in People and we are currently working towards ISO22301.

  • Are you part of any purchasing frameworks?

    Yes, we are on several purchasing frameworks including: ESPO, NHS Dynamic Purchasing Services, NHS Shared Business Services, Crown Commercial Services Framework and CoCH Framework.

  • Can I make one off or ad hoc referrals into your service?

    Yes, you can do this through our OH Direct service.

  • I want to book some on site health surveillance days with your mobile screening units – can I do this?

    Yes, you can do this through our OH Direct service.

  • I want to discuss health surveillance with a member of your team, who should I speak to?

    Please email and a member of our team will respond within 24 hours .

  • Are you able to support with Covid Testing?

    Yes we have supported a number of major companies with large scale Covid testing projects throughout the Pandemic. Please email and a member of our team will respond within 24 hours.

  • Are you able to support with Covid Vaccinations?

    We are able to provide suitably qualified nurses to support the government vaccination programme, but obviously we are not yet able to provide Covid Vaccines. Please email and a member of our team will respond within 24 hours.

  • Can you help with Seasonal Flu Vaccination Programmes?

    Yes, we have an excellent track record in establishing and delivering successful flu vaccination programmes for Public and Private Sector organisations across the UK Please email and a member of our team will respond within 24 hours.

  • Can you provide Flu Vouchers?

    Yes, you can do this through our OH Direct service.

  • What support can you offer to support employee Health and Well Being?

    Employee health and well being is a strategic business priority for many organisations. We work with clients to introduce practical effective well being initiatives which help to support and build physical and emotional resilience through education, signposting, onsite Health Trainer support, training (e.g. Mental Health First Aid, Neurodiversity), virtual exercise and mindfulness classes, podcasts, health calendars and engaging interactive on site well being events. For more information please email and our team will respond within 24 hours.

  • How do TP Health handle my data?

    For more information on how TP Health handle your data, please see our privacy statement here.

  • Why might I be referred to you (Occupational Health)?

    If you are a new employee or you are changing your job role you may be referred to the Occupational Health and Well Being team to assess your fitness for work and if necessary, provide immunisations and vaccinations to protect you against the risks of work related ill health. If you declare a health condition, the Occupational Health team may be required to provide advice to the Manager on any adjustments that the organisation may need to consider in order to support you. We are all required to take responsibility for our own health and well-being so that it does not impact on our ability to fulfil our contractual duties. If you have been off sick or have a health problem which is affecting your ability to do your job, you may be referred to our specialist practitioners for a clinical opinion on your fitness for the role, or your fitness to return to work after surgery or illness. If you are exposed to a specific risk or hazard at work, you may be referred for health surveillance as a preventive measure so that the team can ensure that work is not having an adverse effect on your health. You may also be invited to take advantage of voluntary health checks, flu vaccinations and other well-being initiatives that may be introduced by your employer to support your health and well-being.

  • If I am referred to Occupational Health by my Manager, how can I be sure that the advice given by the Occupational Health team is impartial?

    The specialist practitioners who make up the occupational health and well-being team are Specialists in assessing fitness for work and they have an ethical, professional and moral responsibility to remain completely impartial. They will base their assessment on the information provided by you during the consultation, and the information provided by the Manager in the referral. They will also take into account evidence, Occupational Health Law and best practice. Their role is to balance your needs with the needs of the organisation. The focus will always be on helping to facilitate your return to work as soon as possible, by assessing what you can do and providing advice to your employer on any support that may help you to return to your contractual duties.

  • Does my manager have to take the advice given by Occupational Health?

    No. Whilst we may make certain recommendations in the Occupational Health report to your Manager, it is up to your employer to decide whether any recommendations are practical and can be accommodated within the workplace. However, if a manager is unable to accommodate the recommendations made we do endeavour to work with the Managers to agree adjustments that could be considered if they are likely to be beneficial in helping the individual return to work.

  • If I am referred to Occupational Health following sickness absence, am I entitled to a phased return or adjustments when I go back to work?

    Not automatically. Phased returns and or adjustments are not always necessary to enable an employee to successfully return to work.  They can be beneficial in some cases, but your Manager should wait for the occupational health advice before discussing options and possible alternatives. It is also important to remember that phased returns and adjustments should only ever be in place for an agreed specific period and it is important that your Managers reviews this to enable you to return to full duties as soon as possible.

  • Will the Occupational Health Consultation be carried out by telephone or at a face to face appointment?

    We are very focused on ensuring early intervention, so that employees can have access to support quickly and to prevent health problems developing. Consultations will be carried out by telephone, video or face to face.

  • Is the consultation confidential or is information shared with my manager?

    Firstly, your manager will advise you if and why you are being referred to Occupational Health so that you can be prepared for a helpful and useful discussion with the Occupational Health practitioner and you will be asked to give your consent to share information with your manager and HR. Medical details will not necessarily be disclosed to your manager unless we believe that it is important that your manager has a better understanding of, for example a health condition, to enable them to provide you with the necessary support or to protect your health and safety and that of your co-workers. We adopt an honest, open and welcoming approach to our work and the consultation is completely confidential. Our practitioners will be pleased to help you where they can by answering any questions you have and providing some guidance on how you can take responsibility for managing your health so that it does not impact on your daily life and affect your ability to attend work. Any information that is to be disclosed would be discussed with you first.

  • Can I obtain a copy of my Immunisation Records?

    Yes. You can request a copy of your immunisation record by emailing us at Please ensure you include your full name and date of birth, along with the name of your employer to allow us to identify your record. For more information on how TP Health handle your data, please see our privacy statement here.

  • Can I self refer for occupational health advice, physiotherapy or counselling services?

    We have several pathways to access our services and your employer can choose which of these pathways you can access and which services are available to their employees. We recommend you check with your HR department on how best to access the service you require. You can also call our Customer Service team on 01327 810262 option 1 to discuss your options.

  • I have been referred to your service, how can I see details of my case?

    You can view any referrals that your manager has made for you, along with appointment information and copies of any reports written by accessing your employee portal account. You can access your portal from any PC, laptop or mobile device. If you require support logging in to your portal you can email our IT support on or call our IT team on 01327 810262 option 4.

  • How will I be notified of my appointments?

    If you require an appointment our Customer Service team will try to contact you to arrange your appointment at a convenient time. If they are unable to make your appointment with you over the telephone they will send your appointment details via email. You will also receive email and text message reminders. When you receive your appointment details, if they are not convenient, you can call your dedicated Customer Service team on the number provided in the email and they will be happy to arrange a more convenient appointment for you. You may receive notifications of several appointments which are booked concurrently or within the same week. It is important that you check the details of all your appointments and attend all those you receive notification of. If you believe that multiple appointments may have been booked in error it is important that you contact the Customer Service team on the number provided in the email to check whether you need to attend all of your appointments and do not assume you do not need to attend.

  • What do I need to bring to my appointment?

    If you have been referred to our service and you have an appointment with either an Occupational Health Advisor, Doctor, Physiotherapist or Mental Health Practitioner, you will need to have information regarding any current health conditions, this may include information on medication you are currently taking or copies of recent GP or Specialist letters, or details of any upcoming hospital appointments. This will ensure the Advisor is fully informed of your current circumstances. If you are attending for an immunisation appointment you will need to ensure you have a form of photographic identification. If you are attending for a medical you will need to ensure you have a form of photographic identification and you will need to fill in the health questionnaire available in your employee portal before you attend. You will receive an email advising you of how to access this when the health

  • Can I obtain a copy of my Occupational Health Record?

    You can request a copy of your Occupational Health Record by emailing us at Please ensure you include your full name and date of birth and address along with the name of your employer. Requests will normally be processed within 30 days. For more information on how TP Health handle your data, please see our privacy statement here.

  • I have been asked to attend an appointment for Health Surveillance, what does this mean?

    If your job exposes you to certain risks or hazards, your employer is legally required to undertake health surveillance to protect you against any risk or work related ill health. Health surveillance normally includes one or more health checks related to your job and can include, for example:

    • Skin assessments
    • Hearing Check
    • Vision screening
    • Lung function checks
    • Urinalysis
    It is important to remember that the purpose of any health surveillance check is to protect you. Health Surveillance will be carried out by an Occupational Health Technician or a Nurse. Depending on your job role and the number of tests being carried out the appointment may last from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. You will not be required to remove any clothing for the health checks (except perhaps to remove a tight jumper or jacket for blood pressure checks). If a urine sample is required you will be notified in advance.

  • Why do I need a referral to Occupational Health. My GP knows me better.

    Your GP may have a good understanding of your medical history but may not necessarily have an understanding of your job role and the adjustments that your employer is able to put into place to help you stay at or return to work. The Occupational Health team are clinical specialists in assessing fitness for work and their focus is to help you return to work safely in the interests of your physical and psychological health and well-being.

  • If Occupational Health declare me fit for work and my fit note says I do not have to return to work where do I stand?

    The fit note is not a mandate to stay off work you can return to work at any time. Many people can and do return to work with ongoing symptoms and work can be an important part of an individuals recovery process. The Occupational Health specialist will always focus on what you can do safely with the workplace, because activity can lead to faster and more sustained recovery.

  • If I am finding work Stressful, should I take time off?

    If you are referred to Occupational Health, the clinician will provide you with appropriate advice and guidance. For many people, stress can be successfully addressed by discussing your feelings with your line manager, who may carry out a Stress Risk Assessment. Whilst a short period off work (maybe a couple of days) may help to treat the immediate signs of stress, a long absence from the workplace does exactly the opposite and can cause people to feel even more vulnerable. The characteristics of work – activity, social interaction, identity and status – are all beneficial for our mental and physical health. Getting back to work is often the best way to recover from various health conditions including stress, depression, back pain and high blood pressure.

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